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Shoeleather Llewellins have been training and breeding Llewellin Setters since 1967. Our Llewellin setters possess outstanding style, temperament, nose and intelligence and are great hunting companions that handle all game birds anywhere. They are bred for natural ability, biddabilty, stamina and the ability to cover the ground and yet stay with their hunting partner. Shoeleather Llewellin setters are family oriented, great family dogs and create hunting memories that last forever.

The Noe’s have placed puppies in nearly every state as well as Canada, England and South Africa. Most going to hunting families and even enjoying success in field trails.

Shoeleather Kennels top sire and dam, Adam’s Spur and Blizzard’s Chessie, have produced Blackeyed Storm, the winningest Llewellin competing in American Kennel Club trials, as well as FDSB CH Shoeleather’s Tanner.

Joe and Lorri Noe, owners of Shoeleather Kennels, breed and train Llewellins in hopes of restoring the splendor to this famous strain of the oldest, purest setter known. They have worked on improving Llewellin Setter trails by judging and organizing events, and creating standards. Joe made a promise to his dog-training mentor; the late Robert J. Johnson of London, KY., – a pure Llewellin that qualifies for the national field trial championship in Grand Junction, Tennessee – and Joe intends to fulfill that dream.

Shoeleather Fred sporting his top knotShoeleather Llewellins very likely contain the strongest, purest, American-line Llewellins in existence, today. The Noe’s breed for conformation, style, nose, stamina, and intelligence. Every dog in the kennel is DNA tested as proof of purity. Many Shoeleather dogs hold the “throwback” traits of the 1900s and earlier, as shown in this photo of Shoeleather Fred, showing off his lovely, “top knot”.

Shoeleather Llewellin Setters are Dna-ed, – American Field Dog Stud Book Registered.

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